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Website Analytics Help & Support

You've probably arrived at this website because you're looking for help or information about your web analytics, or you want to use this data to improve the conversions on your website. You may find some of the information you're looking for on these pages, or you can contact us for an initial, no obligation, discussion.

As part of a website marketing consultancy, Web Analytics Workshop can help your business in a number of ways:

Getting analytics to work for you

Whether you need to set up analytics on your website for the first time, or get more from the data that you are already recording, we can help you achieve this. Understanding what analytics can - and can't - provide is important, and using the information in the correct way can make a real difference to your online business.

If you need help deciding which analytics package will work best for you, please speak to us first. Many companies use Google Analytics very effectively, but this option may not suit your business, depending on your objectives. We can discuss your needs with you, recommend the suitable package and work with you to set up the analytics package for your website.

Analysing the results

Your website analytics package will record a lot of data, especially if you have a large website and many visitors. However, every analytics package does just provide data in numbers, tables, charts and more, so you need to use this data to your advantage. This involves interpretation, through an understanding of how the data is being recorded and how people are using your website.

We can help with this interpretation. We can provide reports - either weekly, monthly or quarterly - to identify the main trends and provide reviews and recommendations on what the numbers mean for your business. We can suggest changes and tests that could be implemented to improve the performance of your marketing and website, and we can track the impact of these changes.

Improving conversions

The value of any website marketing activity is the outcome - new business leads, online sales and more. By ensuring that you are converting as many visitors to 'actions' as possible will make your online marketing cost-effective, and your analytics will play a central role in this process.

As part of our support services we can help with this conversion optimisation. We will work with you to use your analytics data alongside a test programme to target improved conversions on your website. We can also help with A/B split testing and multivariate testing programmes to improve the performance of your landing pages, to make your marketing activity more responsive.

Analytics training and consultancy

If you want to improve your internal knowledge and skills on the use of website analytics, we can provide you with in-house Google Analytics training, or training for other web analytics packages. These training courses can be tailored to your own level of expertise and website data, so that you can develop your use of analytics for the benefit of your online business.


So, to find out more, please contact us now or you can request a FREE analytics assessment to give you an idea of the key elements you should be tracking and reviewing to increase the performance of your website.

We look forward to speaking to you soon and finding ways to help you get more from your website analytics data.