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Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation describes the process of continually reviewing, testing and refining the elements of a website that will help to increase the conversion rate of visitors to enquiries or orders.

As a marketing technique, conversion optimisation is becoming ever more important as the online market becomes more crowded and the cost of obtaining visitors increases. By optimising a website to improve the conversion rate, the cost per action or the ROI (Return on Investment) can be improved, which in turn allows the marketing spend to be increased and, often, market share increased.

Website analytics has an important role to play in the conversion optimisation process. By providing information on the traffic sources of visitors to the website, and the how these visitors interact with the site, analytics can give valuable insights into what is, or isn't, working so well online. This data can also indicate what elements of a marketing campaign, or which parts of the website, might need to be tested to help improve conversion rates.

The importance of landing pages

Landing pages are the key pages of a website where visitors will enter, usually for the first time. This page will therefore provide the visitor with an immediate first impression and then, hopefully, guide them through the site to achieve the desired action, or conversion. A landing page may be the Home Page of the site, but it could just as easily be a page within the site that is linked from an email or advert, or one that ranks well in the search results for the particular search query.

Within your website analytics data, information on the entrance pages being used, or the bounce rates being recorded, will provide a valuable insight into how visitors first interact with your website. It should also be the starting point to identify potential areas for improvement and to plan and implement a test programme to optimise the eventual conversion rate on the website.

Using conversion optimisation for better results

At Web Analytics Workshop we can work with you to review your website analytics data and to develop the landing page optimisation of your site to improve conversion rates. This may involve the use of a testing programme, such as Google Analytics Experiments, or the implementation of design or content changes on the main pages, or on duplicated pages, of your website to test assumptions and to target better conversion rates.

Ultimately, every dollar that's been spent on your website and your online marketing needs to work harder. Through a constant process of conversion optimisation over time, you can identify what elements work best for your target market, and thereby improve the cost-effectiveness of your online marketing activity.

To find out more, please get in touch for an initial, no obligation, discussion. Alternatively, if you are thinking of using website analytics for conversion optimisation, or have already started tracking your visitor data, we can provide you with a FREE analytics assessment to give you an idea of the key elements you should be tracking and reviewing to increase the performance of your website.