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Having Google Analytics set-up and tracking visitor data for your website is one thing, but using this information in practical and actionable ways to benefit your business is another. Analytics provides the data which then needs the understanding and interpretation to help improve the way that a website business is attracting and converting visitors.

Google Analytics specialists, Web Analytics Workshop in Sydney, AustraliaWe provide a number of Google Analytics training courses through our Web Training Workshop business. This training is designed to give attendees a better understanding of how Google Analytics can be used, from setting it up, to analysing and interpreting the data. The training is provided in a clear, non-technical manner to enable website owners and marketers to really take advantage of the data to help improve their online business.

In-house training or group courses

If you want to learn more about Google Analytics, from the correct installation and set-up, to tracking and interpreting the data, or the use of custom report options, consider one of the training courses that we provide. These can either be offered as an in-house training course – which is tailored to your own experience level and website – or as part of a group course. We have a number of half-day group training courses scheduled around Australia through the year.

The group training courses are aimed at an introductory level and cover the main set-up requirements, plus a review of the information that’s being recorded by Google Analytics, and how it can be used for your website. A typical outline of the course includes:

  • how Google Analytics works and what it can / can’t do
  • creating an account and main settings
  • setting up goals, e-commerce tracking and event tracking
  • what visitor information can tell you
  • how referral traffic can be used
  • how content data should be interpreted
  • using the dashboard reports and setting up custom reports
  • strategies for reviewing and interpreting data.

The course will use live data to demonstrate how Analytics can be used and interpreted. It will give you the understanding and confidence to focus on the main KPIs (key performance indicators) for your business so that you can make the most of the data to develop your website and online business, through a process of review and testing. Whether statistics terrify or bore you, you’ll come away from this course with a clear understanding of how you can use analytics data in a positive way for your business!

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To find out more about dates and prices of these Google Analytics courses, please visit the Web Training Workshop website or contact the trainer, Clive Hawkins, either by using this online enquiry form, or by telephone on (02) 8011 1378. You can also email him for more information, at

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about Google Analytics for your business, please follow the links to the right, or get in touch for an initial, no obligation, discussion.

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