An in-house training course is often the most popular choice for companies as attendees can tailor the course content to their own needs, and receive actionable information to help understand their website analytics and identify key areas for improvement.

In-house training courses can be adapted to meet your specific needs, and the date for the training can be set at a mutually agreed time, either at your location or at our offices in Brookvale, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. All the examples used in the training can be for your own website or market, so that you learn the best techniques and also how these can be applied to your business.

The Google Analytics training course can be a half day or full day course, depending on your requirements, and it will cover all the key principles of using this tool, including set-up options, what to look for in the reports, using some advanced tools and techniques, and how to interpret the data to your business advantage.

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