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Using Website Analytics

The regular use of website analytics (visitor traffic statistics) is the primary way that you can understand how your site is being found and used by visitors. Without this information it's practically impossible to tell how your marketing is working, what pages of the website are most popular, and how you are converting or losing visitors.

Website analytics have been around for as long as websites themselves. Analytics packages come in a variety of forms, either by using software hosted on your website's server and analyzing the log files, or through web-based applications that collect the data via code which is incorporated into your website. It doesn't really matter how you collect the analytics data, as long as you do and in a meaningful way!

Choosing the right website analytics service

Although most website analytics packages record the same basic elements of user data, the way that this information may be presented and analysed can vary greatly in cost and functionality. Some examples include the free server-based applications such as Webalizer, or the online service from Google Analytics, to more expensive, highly customisable packages such as LiveStats or WebTrends.

When choosing a suitable analytics package it is important to identify what information you need and how it should be presented. Remember, the value of these tools will only be realised if you can use them to improve your website performance and conversions.

Making the most of your analytics data

As part of the website marketing support we provide, Web Analytics Workshop can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of different website analytics packages and enable you to choose the best option for your needs. We will also:

To find out more, please contact us now for an initial, no obligation, discussion.

Alternatively, if you are thinking of using website analytics for the first time, or have already started tracking your visitor data, we can provide you with a FREE analytics assessment to give you an idea of the key elements you should be tracking and reviewing to increase the performance of your website.